• Q. Do I have to speak good English?

    A. We provide the English training; meanwhile there are professional English training courses taught by external experts at our Learning Center.

  • Q. What is my development opportunity?

    A. Our Company is growing fast, so people with good performance can move up fast and high – we have several people who developed from Server or Cook to General Manager. You can qualify for training programs that will lead to promotions and higher salaries; you can also qualify for English lessons by a professional teacher at our Learning Center.

  • Q. I’m learning cooking skills in school now, can I be a temporary cook during studying?

    A. Sure, please tell us your available times.

  • Q. I always worked in Chinese restaurants before. But I want to learn more. May I apply for cook position in Element Fresh?

    A. We much appreciate Chinese cooking skills because we also have Asian food on offer. If you want to learn about western cooking skill, we’ve got training for you from the day you join, especially with one-to-one training.

  • Q. I have no relevant experience in the restaurant. But I want to learn more. May I apply for Juice Bar position in Element Fresh?

    A. No worries. As long as you want to learn, we’ll offer you a series of training courses from the day you join.

  • Q. Can I be a temporary server during my summer vacation?

    A. Sure, what are your available times?

  • Q. How about the benefits at your company/restaurants?

    A. We are committed to providing some of the best benefits in our industry, including salary, full social benefits, working meals & drinks, paid annual leave and increasing benefits as people stay a year or longer with the company. Most importantly, we offer the opportunities and the training to move up and increase your benefits. Of course we also offer many activities to get to know your colleagues and make friends.